Friday 21 February 2014

Coffee Chocolate Mascarpone Layered Cake

Chocolate Mascarpone Layered Cake

It was my hubby’s birthday a couple of days ago and unlike every year this time he was pretty sure of the cake he wanted! He had seen the picture of this cake on my FB feed and asked me to make it… I knew I didn’t have to worry about how the cake would turn out as I trust Deeba’s recipes blindly and from experience I know her recipes always turn out perfect :)…. Like we expected this is a beautifully flavored, 6 layers of delicious cake which you will definitely like if you are a coffee lover! I followed the recipe as is, but added a little rum in the filling and frosting. Also I reduced the gelatin in the filling to 1 tsp as I used heavy whipping cream… Only trouble I had was the frosting… mine turned out a little loose and it was difficult for me to frost it on to the cake so I added a little gelatin to the frosting to make it thick… The procedure is a little lengthy and elaborate  but if you split the work and start making a day or two  ahead, it will be an easy job…. But worth the effort for a beautiful 6 layered Coffee Chocolate Mascarpone Cake!

Monday 10 February 2014

Chocolate Orange Fudge Recipe

How to make Chocolate Orange Fudge

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, shops are filled with roses, chocolates, teddies etc... Like every year I thought I will update this space with some recipes that are apt for the season... This Chocolate Orange fudge is super easy to make and it will be a big hit with kids and grownups... This is a great option as a gift on Valentine’s Day, Christmas or even when visiting friends or relatives....  The nuts in the recipe is optional and if you don’t like nuts you can completely omit it or reduce it to ¼ cups... I only added ¼ cups of cashew nuts...  Try this Chocolate Orange Fudge at home....