Thursday 18 April 2013

Uppumanga / Salted Tender Mangoes in Brine

Kerala Uppumanga Recipe

I think Uppumanga (Raw mangoes in brine) with kanji along with a kanthari mulaku (bird’s eye chilly) is the Malayali’s favorite comfort food... right?? I know my husband will not agree with it :D...  Almost a year ago when Sarah of Vazhayila posted this recipe it triggered my childhood memories...  But I never got tender mangoes (kannimanga) here...  so this year when I saw some green mangoes I decided to make it with that... so I selected the smallest thin skin mangoes available and made Uppumanga and now I am a happy girl having it with kanji and making uppumanga curry and chutney! Traditionally uppumanga is preserved in a big bharani (earthen pot).... In one of my old recipe books it’s written that to prevent it from fungal attack, in the old days people make a pouch with clean sand in a cloth and tie the bharani with this sand pouch and the Uppumanga preserved this way lasts yearlong! If you don’t have a bharani use clean glass bottles, make sure to add enough salt water to cover the mangoes.... My aunt told me to add little coriander powder tied in a clean cloth in the brine to givethe mangoes and the brine a lovely smell.... Always use clean sterilized bharani / jar to preserve mangoes and use a dry spoon, else you will see fungus attack....

Salted Tender Mangoes in Brine

Uppumanga / Salted Tender Mangoes in Brine
Tender mangoes (kannimanga) - 10
Green chillies -6 - 8 slitted
Salt – ½ cup or to taste
Coriander powder – 1 tsp
A small piece of clean cloth and a kitchen twine
Water – 4 cups or enough to cover the mangoes
  • Wash the mangoes well and wipe it with a clean cloth. 
  • Boil water along with salt and allow to cool to room temperature.
  • Add coriander powder in a small piece of clean dry cloth and secure it tightly with a kitchen twine.
  • Add the mangoes, slitted green chillies and the coriander powder pouch to the bharani / glass bottle, add enough cooled salt water to cover it.
  • Take a clean white cloth, cover the mouth of the jar and secure it tightly with a kitchen twine and then secure it with lid.
  • Keep in a cool dark corner for 3-4 weeks and then you can start using it. The time depends on the quality of mangoes.
  • When the mangoes become soft use it as desired along with kanji or as a curry or chutney.  


  1. Very authentic recipe.. Love the presentation too.. thanks for sharing :)

  2. The water of this uppumanga is what i love the most to mix with pazhaya chorru

  3. delicious and mouth-watering...

  4. Why is the coriander powder pouch added?

    1. Please read the introduction paragraph Anjana :)


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