Sunday 23 December 2018

Banana Wine / Pazham Wine

May this Christmas fill your hearts with warmth, peace and joy! Have a Holy and Blessed Christmas!

how to make Pazham wine

Hi everybody,
Hope all of you are ready for Christmas celebrations with family and friends. Here we are also set for Christmas.
Banana wine is one of the most requested recipes. When I made it first time, a long time ago and with a completely different recipe, we didn’t like it at all. After that I never tried it but after all your requests I thought of trying it again with a new recipe and this time the wine came out really nice. I used the small palayan kodan bananas which we get in Kerala for this recipe and that is the best one to make banana wine. But if you don’t know this kind of banana or this variety is not available in your place, you can use any kind of bananas.

Kerala Pazham wine

Banana Wine / Pazham Wine
Palayan kodan Pazham (small variety ripe banana) - 800 gm
Sugar - 600gms + 250 gm*
Water - 2 ½ litre
Strong black tea made with 7 table spoons of tea leaves and 500 ml water
Yeast – ¾ tsp
Lemon juice – 2 tbsp

·         Boil 2 ½ litres of water and keep it aside to lukewarm.
·         Make strong tea with 500 ml water and almost 7 table spoons of tea leaves. Strain the tea and keep it aside to cool.
·         Mash the bananas and 600 gm sugar in a food processor. Mix it with lukewarm water.
·         In to this add the strained strong black tea, lemon juice and yeast. Mix everything well and transfer the mixture to a sterilized glass bottle / bharani, cover it and leave for 21 days stirring daily.
·         After 21 days, strain the mixture through a cheese / muslin cloth in to a clean dry bottle.
·         Do a taste test and if you feel like sugar is less you can add the rest of the 250 gm sugar and mix well.
·         Keep this again for 21 days untouched. After 21 days strain the wine again, pour it in to clean dry bottles and use.  

I only added 600gms of sugar in the beginning. But after fermentation I felt the sugar is very less and added another 250 gm of sugar after straining. So if you like sweet wine you can add the total 850 gm of sugar in the beginning itself.

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