Tuesday 14 February 2012

Cherry Wine Recipe

True love is like a fine wine, the older the better ~ Fred Jacob

This post was pending since Christmas.... Somehow never published it at that time. Since it is Valentine’s Day today I see a lot of red, pink & chocolate colored posts all over the blog world, I thought of adding some red colour to my space as well even though it’s pretty late for a Valentine’s Day special :D....... Wishing all my romantic readers A Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cherry Wine
Preparation and Cooking Time – about 30 minutes
Ready to use– after 35 days
Yield – 5-6 liters

Fresh cherries - 1kg
Sugar - 1.25kg
Water - 4 liters
Yeast - 1/2 tsp
  • Separate cherries from its stalk and wash the cherries well. Wipe water from each cherry very well and keep aside. 
  • Boil the water and keep aside to cool down slightly to lukewarm. 
  • In a big bharani / bottle add sugar, cherries and lukewarm water, stir well. Sprinkle yeast on top and mix well after 5 minutes. 
  • When the mixture cools down tie the bottle with a clean cloth or close with lid little loose. 
  • Stir this mixture every day for 5 minutes and try to mash the cherries with the back of the wooden spoon while stirring.
  • After 20 days, strain the mixture through a cheese/ muslin cloth in to a clean dry bottle.
  • Keep this again for 14 days untouched. After 14 days strain the wine again, pour it in to clean dry bottles and use. 

Sending this to Susan for YeastSpotting.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Swapna.In love with your clicks!

  2. WOW..I love this..Thanks for posting it Dear..


  3. Happy valentines day dear...wow superb...clicks are wonderfull...

  4. Happy Valentine Day !! Looks so awesome and wonderful !! Gorgeous clicks !!

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  5. Lovely recipe and beautiful pictures..:))
    Truly awesome..

  6. Lovely wine recipe with beautiful clicks....happy valentines day !


  7. Those photos are fabulous--I've never made my own wine, but this seems like a good place to start!

  8. You are so gud at clicking things with dark background and the reflection also have been perfectly captured!

  9. very beautiful and nice looking cherry vine recipie i must made it at my home

  10. CAN tinned cherries be used for this recipe? is it nescessary to add any wheat?

    1. No You need fresh cherries... I haven't added wheat in this wine...

  11. Fabulous recipe very excited . love your site thank you for sharing the love and joy of cooking.

  12. Can anyone tell me how to make red cherries(commonly available in all bakery's)

  13. Hi...I tried this recipe. The color n smell all are great, but it's not that sweet.Is there a way I can sweeten it?

    1. If you feel the wine is not enough sweet, you can add more sugar and mix well. Thanks for trying the wine :)

  14. Thanks for the recipe. We started our first batch of passion fruit n Barbados cherries wine making...Making good use of fruits from our farm.

  15. can this be made without yeast...? i Like Recipes that has everything natural and homemade.. Rather than any packets from outside..

  16. any recipes on sugarfree wines..???


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