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Homemade Guava Wine Recipe / Perakka Wine Recipe

Perakka Wine Recipe

I got this recipe from my aunt a few years back. She gave me a bottle of this wine and the recipe when she visited me while I was holidaying in my home town. The moment I tasted the wine I was in love with it and it is now one of our favorites. Guava / perakka is not easily available here and when I found some a couple of months back I immediately made this wine. This wine is very sweet which mellows with ageing. I think the addition of kalkandam / rock sugar gives it a very nice taste and whoever has tasted this wine so far has given it 5 stars :) :)…. Thanks to Sally aunty for giving me this recipe.

 See the colour difference of the wine: This picture taken immediately after I made the wine...

Homemade Guava Wine Recipe

....And this one is taken 6 months after … it’s now light golden color.

Kerala Homemade Wine

Homemade Guava Wine Recipe / Perakka Wine Recipe
Perakka Wine
Cooking time – 10 minutes
Ready in 42 days
Yield –about 5 liters
Guava / Perakka – 1 kg (not overly ripe)
Sugar – 1 ½ to 2 kg (depending upon the sweetness of guava)
Boiled cooled water – 4 liters
Yeast – 1 tbsp ( I only used ½ tbsp)
Kalkandam / Rock Sugar – 250 gm

  • Wash and then wipe guava with a clean cloth. 
  • Dice guava into small pieces.
  • Put diced guava pieces, sugar, water and yeast into a clean sterilized bottle/ bharani; mix well and cover the bottle with a clean cloth or with lid little loosely. 
  • Stir this mixture for 21 days. 
  • After 21 days strain the mixture through a clean cheese cloth / muslin cloth into a clean dry vessel.
  • Clean and sterilize the bottle / bharani or use another sterilized bottle and pour the strained wine and add kalkandam / Rock sugar mix well until kalkamdam / rock sugar dissolves. 
  • Keep this again for another 21 days and thereafter  strain the wine again and pour it into clean dry bottles.

Guava Wine / Perakka Wine

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  1. Yum! My mom makes fruit wine a lot, I've always been scared to try. This sounds great! Buzzed ya!

  2. ¸.•°`♥✿⊱╮
    Passei para uma visitinha.
    Onde moro tem muitas goiabas...
    são frutas bem tropicais.
    Boa semana!

  3. Never thought we could make so many varieties of wine at home! Hats off!

  4. Pictures are great. Does the wine have a hint of guava flavour?

  5. loved this fruit wine recipe ! YUM

  6. what to do with diced guava ?

  7. Hi Swapna,
    Great website! Can you please tell me if the yeast used in wine making is the common yeast found in supermarkets?

    1. Thanks.. yes, common dry yeast...

  8. did u add sodium metabisulphide after the wine is ready?

  9. Hai,i'd like to try this wine.but please tell me do i have to refrigerate after the final process.I live in coimbatore in Tamil Nadu.Waiting for ur reply.Thank U

  10. Hai Swapna,
    I'd like to try this recipe.But please tell me do i have to refrigerate after the final process(to store).I'm at Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu.Waiting for ur reply.Thank u.

    1. No you don't have to refrigerate. Store at room temperature

    2. Can u tell me how many days we can save the wine

    3. If properly stored in sterilized bottles wine can keep years! Hope you have heard wine improves with aging!!!

  11. Hi,

    In the third step, you have mentioned to add water, sugar, yeast. Do we add them one by one or make a mixture of these and add?

    Similarly after adding kalkandam to the mixture, what we are doing is mixing the entire mix with a spatula or just rotating the bharani?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Vidya,
      Just add everything in the bharani and mix well. Yes you have to mix the mixture with a spoon after adding kalkandam until it dissolves.

  12. In step 6 "Clean and sterilize the bottle / bharani or use another sterilized bottle and pour the strained wine and add kalkandam / Rock sugar mix well until kalkamdam / rock sugar dissolves. "
    what does it meant when you say add Rock sugar and mix it well?? Do we need more Rock sugar other than the amount that you have mentioned i.e. 1.5-2 kgs or is it half of the 1.5-2 kgs you have mentioned??

  13. Hi,
    I re-read the recipe again .So no confusion about the sugar amount. Just read two different sugar types. I haven't heard of Rock sugar in my place. What is a Rock sugar and what can be used to substitute it if not found? And do we have to stir the mixture everyday for the first 21 days?

    1. Rock sugar (Kalkandam)is solidified/crystallized sugarcane juice. Also called rock sugar. If you don't find it just skip that step and add additional 200 or 250 gms of sugar depending upon the sweetness of guava. Yes you have to stir the mixture everyday for the first 21 days.

    2. Thanks.. I'm going to try this tonight..wish me luck :)

  14. Made this-must make it again. Thank you so much for all these excellent recipes. This one is my favourite.

  15. Wow looks so cool.. and I love all the glasses you’ve used for this recipe.. I love guava juice and I usually buy KDD Harvest’s guava juice and use it for cocktails also.. this wine looks amazing.. I am definitely making this wine soon… Is it necessary to store it in glass? Or is it okay to use plastic container?

    1. For healthier reasons it's better to store in glass bottles Diksha.

  16. Can i store the mixturr in steel vessel before removing the juice n putting in glass bottles since i dnt have barnis

    1. Thanks Swapna for the reply...i hope steel doesnt cause any reaction with the wine

  17. Swapna,
    Did you seed and peel the guava or chop them whole?
    Thanks! Looking forward to trying this.


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