Monday 21 September 2015

Saffron Focaccia

Saffron Focaccia Recipe

Focaccia is a traditional flat Italian bread that can be flavoured with olive oil and salt and often topped with herbs, onions, or other items. It is usually served as a light snack with seasoned olive oil, olives and feta cheese, or with soup or salad and can also be made into sandwiches. 
The Saffron infused Focaccia has a dazzling yellow color, is light in texture and distinctive in flavour. The olive oil drizzled over the top makes the bread moist and generally keeps it well for longer. 
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Wednesday 16 September 2015

White Chocolate and Passionfruit Celebration Cake

Recipe for White Chocolate and Passionfruit Celebration Cake,

I had an eye on this White Chocolate and Passionfruit Cake for a long time and was waiting for an occasion to try it. Finally on our 20th Wedding Anniversary last week I decided to make this cake to celebrate.  This is a time consuming, very rich and dense cake and just as its name suggests "a true celebration cake". The whole cake is huge for a small family like ours, so I halved the recipe and baked two 8 inch round cakes which gave me a two layer cake. If you are making half the amount you can also bake it in three 5 inch round pans to get 3 layers. Finally, I decorated the cake with sugar paste roses.  
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Sunday 6 September 2015

Espresso Panna Cotta

Recipe for Coffee Panna Cotta

It’s been a long time since I updated this little space of mine. Helping my son with his studies, few cake orders, summer vacation and laziness are some of the reasons for the absence of regular posts here.  Hope to be more regular from now on :) ....

Espresso Panna Cotta was in my draft folder for more than six months. This smooth and silky Espresso panna cotta topped with dark chocolate ganache is very addictive and is a current favourite in our home.
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