Tuesday 25 March 2008

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  1. You have a wonderful blogs and great recipes! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi! Swapna. Came to your blog searching for a easy sponge cake recipe. Thanks will try it. meanwhile i live in India/ Coimbatore..could you pls tell me what is whipping cream? In simple way..can this be made at home...i dont like the idea of buying the imported stuff we get her as it is ages old and very expensive. You got a great blog.

  3. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment...please let me know if you like the sponge cake...
    Whipping cream is cream that has been beaten by a mixer, whisk, fork, or whip until it is light and fluffy.In India you will get Amul Fresh Cream and you can use that..http://www.amul.com/fresh-cream.html

  4. Thanks Swapna, the sponge came out really good, it tasted good..only one problem there was a thin sticky layer on top. This seems to happen often with except when i make cupcakes & chocolate cake!!! Also when i open the carton of amul fresh cream its a little runny and a little thick.....if i may jus clarify again i should jus beat it till its fluffy.Twice i tried making mascarpone with amul cream...it was really good.

  5. Sorry for the delay in replying Susan... I am very happy that you liked the cake... I never had any problem like sticky top esp with this sponge cake... It always came out with a little crusty top for me... Just searched the web and found out these 3 reasons for sticky layer...
    1~ Oven temperature too cool.
    2~ Not baked long enough
    3~ Too much sugar in recipe (are you sure you followed measurements correctly?).. Please check these 3 when you bake a cake next….

    And regarding cream, it will be little runny and a little thick in the carton… you have to beat it nicely till it becomes stiff peaks… let me know if you need any more help.. I will be glad to help:)...

  6. Hi Swapna you have such a wonderful blog. I was fascinated by your stitching blog. Can you please share some of your crochet patterns if you dont mind. Can i send u my id. Thanks

  7. Hey Swapna, your blog is fantastic.. i was going nuts on your variety of cakes as I LOVE to Bake!!!!!! I also happened to look at your stitching blog, do you know how to stitch clothes as well?
    Do reply.

  8. i will come back to you after some home work.

  9. Hi Swapna...This is Sarala Jagannathan from Trichy, Tamil Nadu. Happened to stumble on your blog searching for paneer recipes. You seem to be such an awesome cook and a versatile artist !! Your creations are simply beautiful...loved them..thanks for sharing..love..sarala

  10. Hi Swapna, You have an awesome blog! Already tried the passionfruit wine recipe and it came out well. Can I only use light brown sugar for a xmas fruit cake? If so what's the measurement ? Thanks Anila

  11. I love your wine recipes and have tried quite a few by now - mango was an absolute hit at home - I didn't even get to keep it for 6 months - finished in about a month; the orange and pineapple ones were good too. The grape wine, it turned out well too. Now I have guava wine fermenting. My request is for a pomegranate wine. I think they would turn out to be lovely (as are all your wines). Possible to share a recipe?

    1. Hi, So hapey to hear that you liked the wine recipes! I will surely post pomegranate wine as soon as possible as the wine is already ready :) :)


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