Friday 27 November 2009

Avalose podi / A Traditional Fried Rice Powder of Kerala!

Avalose podi, a traditional Kerala snack which can be eaten either by mixing little sugar and banana, or can be transformed into Avalose unda another famous snack of Kerala or Churuttu a famous delicacy of my home town!!! Avalose podi, an evening snack (nalumani palaharam) back home is very filling…and those days I preferred Meat puffs, Ethakka Vazhattiyathu, Ethakka Appam etc….But now after spending years away from home I do like to have this more often:) …So now when ever I go home my mom's sister makes this for me so that I can either eat it in a podi form or I can easily make Avalose Unda, one of my favorite snacks, without much hassles ;)… So the Avalose podi recipe here is from my Mom's sister…

Raw Rice- 500gm
Grated Coconut- 3 cups
Cumin seeds/Jeerakom-2tsp
Salt- to taste

  • Soak the rice and powder coarsely.
  • Rub the coconut and the rice powder together and keep it for about one hour.
  • Place a big flat bottomed pan (uruly) on fire, put the cumin seeds, stir till they are fried and add the rice powder mixed with coconut.
  • Stir well all the time and when it starts turning the colour, lower the heat.
  • Remove when it is fried well (light brown colour).
  • Sift the powder through a coarse sieve and pound well the bigger pieces that are left.
  • Fry that again and mix with the fried avalose.
  • When cool, keep it in a tin tightly closed.
  • Avalose podi can be stored for almost a year if it is fried & stored well.

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  1. :)!..
    With Christmas round the corner, this would make a heart-warming palaharam for many Keralites around the world...esp for the ones who come in search of the right avalose podi recipe..:)
    You are right there with the right post on the right time!! :D!!

    Lovely Avalose Podi in the bowl!! :)

  2. Wow my fav eve food....Perfect with banana and sugar....Very delicious.

  3. Oh i miss all this, i remmber mom used to make them in large quantity/
    We used to eat mix with suagar..........the thought makes me drool.

  4. Nice podi, loved those dinner knots too swapna,u got a lovely blog with many yummy recipes...

  5. Swapna, u made this at home? Well I simply buy frm Lulu. :D Oh its too very filling n nutritious too! Tks for ur homemade version!

  6. One of may favorites... Its a long time since I made at home. Thanks for the post. Its always podi for me. shall try making avalose unda using your recipe.

  7. omg Swapna , we call this varutha mavu.its a favourite with me and dh.

  8. Having it right now with banana and sugar! Just love it to bits!!

  9. Yum Avalose podi was a favourite when in hostel! Thanks for posting this recipe! How do you powder the rice Swapna? Will a food processor or mixie be ok?

  10. @R ~ I use a mixie to powder the rice...


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