Sunday 11 April 2010

Parmesan & Macaroni Chicken Salad with Roasted Bell Pepper

A very tasty and rich salad adapted from Ria's Collection

Macaroni-150gm, boiled
Chicken-100gm,boiled and shredded
Parmesan cheese- 75 gm, grated
Mayonnaise-5 tbsp
Frankfurters -2, stir fried and sliced to small pieces
Sweet corn kernals-4 tbsp
Roasted bell pepper-1, cut into bite sized pieces
Fresh cream-1/2 cup
Vinegar/lime juice- 1 tbsp
Salt and pepper-to taste
Cilantro-2 sprigs
Italian seasoning- 1tbsp

  • Mix everthing togther and chill for 5-6 hours. (Adjust seasonings as per your taste).
  • Serve cold.

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  1. So there it is!! :) It looks delicious!! Thanks for trying! And I am glad that you have been making it every now and then!! :)

  2. YUm!! wat a tempting it..

  3. yum nd perfect for the season

  4. No one in my fam likes I really am confused what to say....

    (anything with cheese and chicken should be yummy!!, right? ;) ;))


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