Monday 13 December 2010

Yogurt, Mascarpone & Strawberry Verrines

Yogurt, Mascarpone & Strawberry Verrines


For the Yogurt & Mascarpone Gelee
Hung yogurt -2 cups
Homemade Mascarpone cheese -1 cup
Sugar-2 tbsp
Vanilla essence-1 tsp
Gelatin-1 tsp
Water-2 tbsp

For the Strawberry Gelee:
Strawberry puree-1 cup
Sugar-2tbsp (optional)
Gelatin-1 tsp
Water-1 tbsp
Mint leaves and chocolate to decorate

  • Yogurt & Mascarpone Gelee: Sprinkle the gelatin over water and set aside. In a bowl beat yogurt, mascarpone cheese, sugar and vanilla essence until the sugar has completely dissolved. Microwave the gelatin for 10 seconds and mix with yogurt mixture and keep aside.
  • Strawberry Gelee: Sprinkle the gelatin over water and microwave for 10 minutes. Mix strawberry puree, sugar and melted gelatin and mix well.
  • Assembling the Verrines: In small glass or bowl layer yogurt mascarpone gelee and strawberry gelee alternatively and chill until set. Decorate with mint leaves and chocolates.

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  1. Damn attractive. Love the colors and the concept on the whole.. :) great job with the camera too :)

    Yummmmmmmmmy :)

  2. Pretttttttty is an understatement!! Beauuuutiful shots!!!!

  3. Pretty verrines, looks extremely marvellous..

  4. What a lovely presentation !!!

  5. Lovely array of verrines arranged...looks very attractive

  6. Gorgeous looking verrines. Stunned by the colors.

    I love desserts like this especially for serving for a dinner party it is always elegant and this just looks so so good.

  8. I couldn't take my eyes off of it :) They look sooooo tempting :)

  9. Wow!!! What a beautiful dessert!! This may very well have to be an addition to my christmas party!! I only hope I can make them as beautifully aesthetically pleasing as you have made them!!

    <3 Marea @TheFoodieFixx

  10. beautiful! A great idea for a Christmas party as they look very festive! :)

  11. The swirls of colors in the glasses look gorgeous. Must be a very delicious dessert as the photographs are.

  12. "The word verre, means glass, verrines are layered dishes served as small, semi-solid cordials. Americans call them parfaits; the English - trifles. Prepared hot, warm or cold, a verrine's only real rule seems to be that its layers remain visibly and beautifully distinct" (I got this when looking for meaning of Verrine- I fancied this word! :D)

    Swapna..ur glasses look divine wt Creamy and distinct layers! Loving ur DSLR output! :) Keep buzzing on FBuzz!CONGRATS, Me too equally proud!:)

  13. a sophisticated shrikhand i'd say! i couldn't help but notice and follow your blog. your blog is a fabulous work of art. congrats on top 9!

  14. Lovely treat. It looks just wonderful.

  15. I hope you are on vacation next time when we come home, and will certainly come to meet you, only if you make us a dessert though !

  16. Awesome !!Awesome!!!
    super pic...and it looks fabulously yummy!!

  17. what a pretty picture. Great Post and congrats on being named Foodbuzz's Top 9!!! That is a pretty cool honor!!!

  18. ♥ Olá, amiga!♫
    ♫♥ Saboroso e decorativo!!!
    ♫♫Boa semana!
    Beijinhos. ♥♫
    ♫♥ Brasil


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