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Grape Wine with Yeast

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I had shared a Grape Wine recipe without yeast many years ago. This one is a traditional grape wine recipe with yeast and wheat. Addition of caramelized sugar gives this wine a nice colour and a subtle smoky flavour too, which my husband really enjoys. You do not have to caramelize the sugar very dark for wine as you do for cakes… just caramelize the sugar to light golden colour otherwise the wine will taste bitter! 

Grape Wine with Yeast

(Recipe Source ~ my sister-in-law)


Black grapes with or without seeds - 2kg

Sugar 1 ¾ kg + ¼ kg for caramelizing (total 2kg)

Wheat  - ¼ kg (wash & sundry the wheat)

Yeast - 1 tbsp

White of one egg

Water - 4 ½ litres


  • Boil water and cool it till lukewarm.
  • Wash, drain and pat dry the grapes. Brust the grapes slightly with hand or with a potato masher or with back of a spoon.
  • Dissolve yeast in a little lukewarm water.
  • Beat the egg whites well.
  • Mix well all the ingredients along with 1 ¾ kg sugar and keep it in an earthen jar (Bharani) or in a glass jar, cover it and leave for 21 days stirring daily.
  • On 22nd day, strain the mixture through a cheese / muslin cloth.
  • Add ¼ kg sugar caramelised and keep it in jar for another 21 days.
  • Strain on 22nd day and use.

To Caramelize Sugar~ Heat ¼ kg sugar in a pan stirring continuously. When it becomes light golden brown add 1 cup hot water and boil. Cool and then mix it with the wine.

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  1. After adding caramelised sugar on 22nd day, can the stuff be kept again in earthen pot or only in glass jar ?

    1. Yes you can always store wine either in earthen jars or in glass jars!

  2. Madame, on the 22nd day after adding caramelised sugar, must the unfinished wine only in glass jar ? What will happen if it’s again kept in earthen pot ?

    1. You can always store wine either in earthen jars or in glass jars!


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