Sunday, 8 January 2012

Banoffee Pie Served in a Glass

When the Sweet Punch for the month was announced I was all excited and on cloud 9 as Divya selected my Banoffee Pie recipe for the challenge…. It’s a great dessert and like one of my friends here says “highly recommended out of the world dessert”!!! … And no wonder it has all the delicious high calorie ingredients in it ;) it’s not for the weight watchers out there ;)…. Since I had posted the recipe already I had no intention of making it again so soon after all the rich indulgences in the holiday season… But I wanted to experiment how this would look when served individually in glasses; I made this in 3 short glasses… The layers came out beautifully and even after keeping it in a fridge for a day those layers are in perfect shape! These individual servings were excellent for a party or for a romantic candle light dinner ;)…

I am not re-posting the recipe again… I just followed the same recipe but I didn’t bake the biscuit layer. Also this time I made Dulce the Leche in a pressure cooker without weight for 1 hour…. I am still not brave enough to make this in the pressure cooker with weight which will take only 30 minutes…..

Here is the Step by Step recipe for Banoffee Pie.

Also recipe for Banoffee Slice I have posted recently.

Thank you Sweet Punch team for selecting this recipe and thanks to all who tried it :) :)

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  1. wow..this looks amazing..i am in love with this right now..will try this asap..Amazing clicks


  2. wow great clicks !! very tempting !! feel to have it right now !!

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  3. I love dessert in a glass. Looks fabulous!!

  4. first time in ur space...n wow...u hav such an awesome space ....pie looks super tempting n a gr8 idea to serve in a glas....wonderful clicks...following ur space... do visit mine some time :-)

  5. Looks gorgeous in the little glasses, well presented.

  6. Marvellous pie,beautifully presented!

  7. I m going up and down just to see the picture!!! Love it!!! Enjoyed making them!!!

  8. Beautiful pictures Swapna...I will try this sometime soon...You plum cake that I tried was such a hit...I sent one small one to my parents, bor and s-i-l and they loved it ! Its going to be a yearly ritual from now on !! Thank you...

  9. Awesome pics and are more awesome

  10. wow Swapna, that is such a great idea. Makes it less guilty to eat that small portion ... lol :)

  11. Pie looks great served even in a glass and a nice idea. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I enjoyed the pie to the core.

  12. i shared this recipe with a friend and told her serving it in a glass shd be nice too..........however, i will show her ur pics ..........lovely recipe and thanks for leading us step by step.

  13. Thatz beautiful, Swapna! It is perfect for a candle light dinner :)

  14. Thank you for sharing simple and yum dessert..we luv'd it

  15. Aha.................So colorful refresh to eyes.

  16. Swapna:
    This is my first time to your blog, and I cannot possibly go away without subscribing.

    Wonderful recipes.

    Have a Joyful Day :~D


    1. Thank you:) Hope to see you back often....

  17. im goin to try this soooon.........

  18. im goin to try this soooon.....


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