Saturday 9 February 2008

Fresh Juice Melody


Carrot -1
Apple -1
Orange -1
Lemon -1/2
Sugar -5-6 tbsp
Water -2 1/2 cups


Extract juice of all fruits and carrot in a juice extractor. Add 2 to 2 1/2 cups of water and sugar and mix well and serve. You can increase or decrease water and sugar according to personal taste. You can even substitute any kind of fruits of your choice.

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  1. I love juices like this.
    I have a jhuicer but i am really lazy to make juice in it when i think about the cleaning :-)
    WHy don't you add your blog to
    then when ever you add a post it will pop up there with the new post from the other bloggers.

  2. That is one healthy and yummy juice!:)

  3. Thank you happy cook.... Yes,I agrees with you about cleaning of the juicer....but the juice is very good...I will definitely add my blog to Taste of India....thanks for all the suggestions and encouragement to a baby blogger like me!!!!

    Thankyou Asha for visiting my blog again....yes this juice is very healthy and yummy....

  4. this is healthy and yum. i think i need it rt away .. today i am on a fruit diet!

  5. Love the juice! So healthy and delicious!

  6. Thank you Nanditha and Uma!!!

  7. Swapna, thanks for the juice post! Hey you are quite an artist! Loved your embroideries!

  8. Thank you Purnima for your nice comments!!!

  9. I love your blog.Its style and recipes are awesome


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