Wednesday 8 December 2021

Carrot Wine / Carrot Whisky

Enjoy this Christmas Season with Carrot Wine!!!

Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized. ~ Andre Simon, "Commonsense of Wine"

Carrot Wine

Carrot -3kg
Orange -2 nos
Lime -2 nos
Sugar -2kg
Raisins -300 gms (chopped)
Whole wheat - 1/2 kg
Water -5 liter
Yeast - 1 tbsp

  • Clean & chop the carrots and boil with 5 liters of water.
  • Transfer this to a bharani or a big glass bottle and add lime & orange juice & peel. (Cut the orange & lime in half, and extract the juice, using a citrus fruit juicer. Remove the orange peel and scrape off any white pith from the inside. Chop up the peel and mix it with the carrot mixture).

  • Then add sugar. When the mixture becomes cool, add raisins, whole wheat and yeast.
  • Tie the bottle with a clean cloth and keep aside the mixture for 3 weeks.
  • Stir this mixture everyday for 5 minutes.
  • After 3 weeks strain the mixture to a clean bottle and keep this mixture again for 3 more weeks untouched.
  • After that slowly strain the upper part to small bottles and use.
  • The peach colour of this wine will change to a richer whisky colour with aging!
  • All the utensils & bottle should be clean & dry. If there is water the wine will become sour.
  • Don't fill the bottle to the brink. Always leave 1/4 bottle empty.

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  1. Wow great effort dear....SO easy and tempting...

  2. Swapna its really tempting...., but cant wait for 6 weeks, we all will fly to kuwait to take a sip...

  3. Aww! Whadda lovely colour!:)...
    Sure it tastes heaven!!...
    Easy to make too..:)

  4. Swapna its really tempting.... but can't wait for 6 weeks. we all will fly to kuwait to take a sip...

  5. 3 days late! Nevertheless..this sure is new n loooks great! Lovely Clicks..explained easily! :D

  6. Bookmarked
    Happy Holidays & Happy New year to you and your loved ones.

  7. oh wow!!!! Looks heavenly...I m soo fond of wine...This is terrific..

  8. Amiga...

    que a fé e a esperança num mundo melhor sejam revividas a cada dia em seu coração!
    Feliz 2010!!!

    Itabira - Brasil

  9. Hello Swapna!!! I found your wonderful blog through Maria's blog when I was looking for homemade wine recipe. This carrot wine recipe is darn tempting!!! The clicks are awesome too. Now, I am planning to make carrot whisky/wine ASAP but the only problem is we dont get whole wheat here in Australia, instead we get cracked wheat - burgul. So please tell me whether I can use cracked wheat instead of whole wheat?

  10. Thanks Arti for visiting my blog and leaving a comment:)...Never tried it with cracked wheat... but I think you can use cracked wheat instead of whole wheat...please give it a try and let me know how you like it...

  11. Thanks Swapna for your reply!!

    Finally, after an intensive bit of Googling, I've been able to purchase couple of Kgs of whole wheat!!! :) So, will soon give this carrot whisky a go!! By the way, Date wine is already fermenting, which I hope will come out great too!!
    Thanks for your inspiring words!!


  12. Arti....that's so nice you got whole wheat!!! wow you already made dates wine too...waiting to hear abt the out come...Happy wine making dear :)


  13. Sounds like a real winner to me! I would love to try some.
    Indian Restaurants Manchester

  14. Hi Swapna, i have already tried ur beetroot wine and it came out super duper. Now wish to try carrot wine too. so can u suggest how much is 1 ounce in terms of teaspoon measurement..

    1. Hi Sapna,
      Happy to hear Beetroot wine came out perfect :)... In this carrot wine you only needed 1 tablespoon of yeast... just edited the recipe...

  15. Can u please explain to me how much is one ounce in terms of teaspoon measurement?? i already tried beetroot wine and was a grand success..

  16. G'day Swapna A few years ago now a Sri Lankan ex neighbour of mine made this DELICIOUS Carrot Wine Unfortunately for me I not only LOST the recipe but she also moved away THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS GREAT RECIPE my neighbour also made an equally delicious wine from PINE APPLE Do you have a recipe for a PINEAPPLE WINE PLEASE? Thank you in advance Good luck with you blog

  17. Hi swapna, hw long should i boil the carrots

  18. Hi Swapna, im staying in a remote place where we don't get oranges. I've got lemons though. So can I substitute orange juice for oranges? Or can I just leave them out? Or do I increase the amount of lemons? Anxiously waiting for your reply! The carrot s r ready! !

    1. Hi Sangeetha, sorry for the delay in replying. you can increase lemons if you don't get oranges.

  19. hi
    after boiling the carrot should i transfer the carrots too to the bharani or just the liquid.
    other recipes asking to strain the liquid in 2nd stage.
    by the way i made your beetroot and rice wine and both were hits.thank you

    1. Yes you have to add carrots too to the bharani. Glad to hear you liked the beetroot and rice wine :)

  20. Hi Swapna, small clarification is it wine or whiskey?? I mean how do we take it? Straight like wine or add water or soda while having it. And what’s the alcohol percentage %?? Thank you

    1. Hi, This is wine and you have to take it straight without adding anything. I am not sure about the alcohol contant, usually it is 12% in wines.

  21. Thanks for the reply are the Star


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