Thursday 28 January 2010

The Classic Pineapple Pudding / China grass pudding / Moss pudding

When it came to desserts this was the family favorite and on any and every occasion my brother and I would always pester our Mom to make it. It’s simple to make and anyone can try this with utmost confidence as it will never fail them unless off course the China grass is of poor quality. Till today it remains one of my all-time favorites.


Condensed Milk- 1 tin
Milk- 2 1/2 tin (measure in condensed milk tin)
Sugar- 5 dessert spoon (10 tea spoons)
China grass strands (Agar- Agar)-10 gm
Water- 1 1/2 cup
Pineapple chopped- 2 cups, heaped
Sugar-2 dessert spoon
Cloves / grambu-6 nos
Vanilla Essence-1/4 tsp
Vanilla Custard Powder-1 dessert spoon (2 tea spoon)
Thick Cream- 1/2 cup


  • Stew chopped pineapple with 2 dessert spoon sugar and cloves. Removes from fire, when pineapple is cooked and there is 1/2 cup syrup. Keep aside.
  • Chop China grass strands wash it with cold water and strain through a sieve. Soak china grass in 1 1/2 cups water and keep aside.
  • Mix condensed milk and 2 tins of milk and heat stirring well. When this mixture gets hot add 5 dessert spoon sugar and 1 dessert spoon custard powder mixed in 1/2 tin milk. Keep stirring continuously and remove from fire just before the milk boils.
  • Boil soaked china grass and when it dissolves strain into hot custard., and mix well.( make sure both the custard and melted china grass should be of same temperature).
  • Cool the custard to lukewarm, add vanilla essence and 1/2 cup cream and mix well.
  • Transfer to a dish and keep it in the fridge. When the pudding is half set, strew pineapple pieces with syrup over pudding and keep it back in fridge till completely sets and serve!
My blog turned 2 years!!! Happy Anniversary my bloggy dear :)

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  1. Hearty Congrats on your two
    year Anniversary.The pineapple pudding looks yummy.

  2. Such a delicious pineapple pudding..looks fantastic Swapna..

  3. congrats on the blog anniversary. the pudding looks awesome. between did you knitted those swans at the background. great work of art.

  4. Congrats dear...Pudding sounds great and yummy...

  5. Oh my!1 What a beautiful color, looks like glass. Must try when I get China grass mix.

  6. looks delicious and lovely colour..

  7. Happy b'day to your wonderful blog. And yeah i too remember this dessert mom made this and also she used to change the flavours. Looks yumm.

  8. Happy Anniversary Swapna... the pudding looks yum yum lovely dessert...

  9. congrats!! pudding looks really inviting.

  10. Pudding looks very easy.....nice click

  11. oh wow!!! that looks super delicious. wanna have some now..

  12. Happy 2nd b'day to your bloggy dear..Ummah!! :)..
    Such an elegant recipe for your blog kid.:)

    The measurements you gave me were accurate and came out really well for me, though I forgot to strain the china grass bits..:)

    A classic and a comforting desert...the most favourite of mine..:)
    Thanks for Posting this keeper for me :)

    Wishing you many maaannnny blogging years..:)!!

  13. HAPPY 2nd BLOG Anniversary! U hv kept ur blog worth praises n with splendid shots of food, recipes simplified! Tks for sharing these yummy n eye-treats n hoping for more! :D

  14. Adipoli!!!!kandittu kothiyavunnu!!!

  15. Happy Anniversary bloggie dear! This pudding has been a firm favourite in our house too! :)

  16. woo..I ,love that glossy yellow top..:)

  17. Swapna, info below frm my pudding today wt gelatin+fresh pa ruled out! :( its chinagrass+fresh pineapple or gelatin+canned pa!

    (*Do not use fresh/frozen pineapple if you are using gelatin as the gelling agent. The fresh fruit contains an enzyme that breaks down the protein in the gelatin, it will fail to firm up and the end- product will be watery. anning/heating pineapple breaks down the enzyme and it can be used without a problem.
    * Gelatin is a protein produced by partial hydrolysis of collagen extracted from the bones and connective tissues of animals such as the domesticated cattle, pigs and horses.(Source:

    Wd u like to skip this comment, but copy paste the info for any newbies like me, and paste a link to her site..sorry but was really really looking forward to make ingr. hv to wait for agar agar! tks a ton for detailed info on it in morning.

  18. Swapna, pls ignore my past two comments..insert this link, will be more of help.
    This is exactly what i found in Lulu, like thermacol, but still i m clueless on whether to break it,cut it or melt it whole! :(

  19. Swapna, this pudding was liked by all, thks so much for all ur troubles! I used the 6" ruler sized, thermacol agar, chopped washed and soaked it (other 6" stick cd hv added more gel) its a huge quantity, but tastes divine! Stewing fresh n sweet pineapples didnt curdle the pudding, plus the flavor of pa+cloves is absolutely tantalising! Tks a ton for the push n help in the making! Glad to hv made it!

  20. your pudding looks great... would like to make it but what is dessert spoon please? thanks a lot

    umm maryam


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