Wednesday 31 March 2010

Indari (Indri) Appam / Pesaha (Passover) Appam with Step by Step Pictures and Video

Jacobite Indari Appam Appam

Indari Appam or Pesaha Appam is unleavened bread made on Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday) among the Jacobites and Catholics in Kerala. During my childhood days, my mom used to make Indari Appam and Kurukku every year and I also follow that tradition. Since this is the first Pesaha after my father in law’s demise, we are not supposed to make Indari Appam this year. These are the pictures of the Indari Appam I made last year and the traditional method for making Indari Appam in Knanaya Jacobite Community is explained below.

Jacobite Pesaha (Passover) Appam

Indari Appam / Pesaha (Passover) Appam
ഇണ്ടറി അപ്പവും കുറുക്കും I പെസഹാ അപ്പവും പാലും
(Makes around 20-22 Indari Appams)

Roasted Rice flour-4 cups
Urad dal- 1 cup
Coconut-2 nos or (almost 4 cups of grated coconut)
Jeerakom/Cumin seeds-11/2 tsp
Garlic-4 cloves
Small Onion - 4 (optional)
Salt to taste

  • Soak urad dal for two hours. Drain and grind to a smooth paste together with coconut, garlic, cumin seeds and salt, adding very little water. Mix this ground paste with rice flour and make soft and smooth dough. Do not allow this mix to ferment. Take small balls from the dough and flatten each ball on a piece of banana leaf with finger tips. Dip finger in water in between. Fold and steam the appams in Appanchembu (steamer) or in pressure cooker without keeping the weight, filled with enough water for 20-25 minutes.

How to make Indari Appam / Pesaha (Passover) Appam with Step by Step Pictures and Video

Indari Appam / Pesaha (Passover) Appam and Paal

Rice flour-1 tbsp
Jaggery-250gm (melt jaggery with little water and strain the syrup)
Coconut milk -2 ½ cups
Roasted Cumin powder
Cardamom powder
  • Mix rice flour with melted jaggery syrup and coconut milk. Cook this mix stirring continuously to a medium thick porridge. Flavor with roasted cumin and cardamom powder and remove from heat. Serve with hot Indari Appam.
Step By Step Recipe of Indari Appam / Pesaha (Passover) Appam

I wish a blessed Passover to all my readers and friends!

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  1. Indari appam sounds interesting, never had them..thanks for sharing this beautiful appam Swapna..learning many more beautiful dishes from u guys..

  2. I have not had this appam for 20 yrs.

  3. Want this now..1 cant wait dear....

  4. Almost its been a decade since I had them in India... It brings my childhood memory back I love this recipe, wonderful pics too.

  5. I only had this after I came to the USA and my in-laws made it. We'll be having it tomorrow at my bro-in-laws palce, i love the "kurukku". I'm Knanaya catholic BTW - hello!

  6. woww..looks delicious..kettitte illa..kanditte illa...kittiyirunnel thattaamaayirunnu.. :)

  7. Never heard of this appam. Sorry about your FIL. My warm Easter wishes to you and your family

  8. Swapna, tks for such a traditional recipe! I hv tasted it today, first time. Loved it! Bookmarked!

  9. Olá, amiga!
    Passei para uma visitinha...
    Seu cantinho está lindo, agradável e de bom gosto.

           ( ),,( )

    Com carinho, para você e sua família...

    Itabira - Brasil   

  10. Dear Swapna,

    I went thru your Indari appam receipe I would suggest that you fry the urad dal on a slow heat till golden brown and then either powder it or instead of taking rice powder just take rice and the fried urad dal soak it in water for 2 hours and grind it along with the other ingr. This is how we Jacobites from Ernakulam make it.

  11. Thank you all:)

    @Ann...glad to meet another knanaya foodblogger:)

    @Sajani...frying urad dal is something new to me...will try your method next time...Thanks dear!

  12. Swapna...I dint know that u are a knanaya...I am also a kna....ur indari appam looks perfect just the way we make it....I love the pal and waiting for pesaha to make them again.

  13. Wow Nisa you are also kna!!!Nice to meet one more knanaya blogger :)...


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