Monday 17 May 2010


How to make Kerala Palappam

Pachari / Raw rice-1 cup
Choru / Cooked rice-2-3 tbsp
Grated Coconut-1/2 cup
Yeast-1/4 tsp {Kallu /Toddy can be used instead of yeast}
Sugar- 3 tbsp or to taste
Salt- to taste
  • Wash and soak the rice in water for 6 hours. Drain and grind this with all the other ingredients in a mixy or grinder adding enough water to a smooth thin batter.
  • Keep this batter aside overnight or at least 6-8 hours to ferment.
  • To make palappam heat an iron or non stick appachatti/ appam pan on medium heat.
  • If using iron appachatti rub with some oil and pour one full thavi/ladle batter on the centre of the pan. Immediately spread it by rotating the pan only once by holding on both the handles. Cover the pan and let the appam cook for 2-3 minutes.
  • Serve hot with Chicken stew, Vegetable stew, fish molee, Meatball Curry, Pork curriesChicken Mappas,  Beef fry or Egg roast.
How to Make Palappam

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  1. Yumm!!my favourite palappams..makes me hungry..

  2. I would like the toddy flavored ones..but we hv to acquire the taste..urs looks so pretty crisp at edges n fluffy in the center! Just lovely n perfect!

  3. Perfect! Love the middle part, so yummy and thick.

  4. These are my favourite!! Got some ready made flour for this just this weekend.

  5. Yummmmmmmmmm... looks perfect dear.. loved all the pics and recipe.. gr8 one!!

  6. I never make these as much as I love it. I have to always ask my friend to make it for me. Such beautiful photos.

  7. It looks so great. I have heard so much about these appams, but never tasted it.

  8. Looks so tempting!!!
    Visit my blog if u get time and pass ur suggestions..

  9. Hi swapna,
    Thanx for ur valuable suggestion..actually i made this appam loong back..n dnt knw what to name it..i searched some blogs and find urs..the qty mentioned was similar with my mix..i dont knw much abt blogging thts y it happened..i ve rewritten in my way..sorry if u felt bad..Appreciate ur valuable comments in my future blogging..

  10. can i get ur mail id so that i we can clarify it....sorry dear i dont know much abt blogging

  11. The palappam which i made was really tempting...Thanx a lot for the recipe

  12. Can you just tell me how to make palappam and vellayappam with rice flour? we dont get raw rice(pachari) here

  13. Can you just tell me How to make Paalappam and vellayappam with rice flour.? we dont get raw rice here.


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