Tuesday 12 October 2010

Mixed Fruit Wine!

In water one sees one's own face;
But in wine one beholds the heart of another. ~ French proverb

My mom was a great cook; she used to make a variety of wines, jams, pickles and squashes…… I learned the basics of wine making from her and I have since experimented with different types …..Since this is my mom’s birthday week, I thought of posting a few recipes that I learned from her…… It’s still difficult to accept that she is no more in this world….. I miss sharing my ups and downs and my never ending talks with her, but unfortunately God had different plans…... I hope she is watching us from heaven… Today I am sharing one of my most successful wine recipes…. And with Christmas only two and half months away and for those who wanted to have homemade wine it’s high time you started making it at home

Mixed Fruit Wine
Mixed Fruits- 1kg (I used a mix of apples, oranges, peaches, grapes & strawberries)
Sugar-750 gm
Water-4 liter
Yeast-1/4 tsp

  • Wash and clean the fruits and finely chop them and put them in clean big wine bottle.
  • Boil water and sugar and pour this boiled water into the chopped fruits.
  • When it becomes cool add yeast and tie the bottle with a clean cloth or close with the lid a little loose.
  • Stir this mixture every day for some time.
  • After 20 days strain the mixture to a clean bottle and keep this again for 2 weeks untouched.
  • Slowly strain the upper part of the wine to small bottles and enjoy!

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  1. Wow thats awesome recipe... sure will give it a try wish to see more of your moms recipe.. by the way cute bottle and clicks...

  2. I am sure your mom is looking from wher eever she is and overjoyed that her cooking abilities have passed on to you.
    The wine looks really good, wish i had a taste.

  3. you always amaze us with your wine recipes. look so transparent just like the store baught ones. hope to see more recipes of your mom in future.

  4. Did't know wine making was so easy.......

  5. I totally agree with Sailaja, never thought that making wine is soo much easy that too at home..

  6. wow looks so nice n loved ur prentation

  7. Thank u for posting one more wine recipe. Will surely try it! But Plz tell me can we use stainless steel utensils while straining the wine?

  8. @Arti ~ Yes you can use stainless steel utensils, always use clean and dry utensils for making wine

  9. I tried this wine. It is great. Do check it out at my place. Merry Xmas to you .!

  10. I have to make one more batch of wine! This one seems fairly simple-the fruits here in Gurgaon now would be apples, oranges, bananas, papaya, melon, grapes... Shall I use these -any suggestions?

    1. I think with those fruits also you will get a fine wine... but I have only made with the mix of fruits I mentioned in the recipe Gita... I am sure with the change of fruits will naturally differ the taste of wine too... try and experiment Gita :) and do let me know the outcome :)

    2. I made it at that time-it was very good too. Thank you!

  11. I just want to ask if i need to juice tbe fruits or just chop it?

  12. Is reciepe same for peach wine? As like the flavour of peach wine.

  13. Please can you tell me whether I should chop the fruits like apple and orange with skin or without skin..thnx.

  14. please how long should i stir the mixture or should i just start counting from the day i started the recipie and for how loong should i stir and how much water should i boil?

  15. please for how long should i stir the fruits (how many days and how many hours ) and should i start counting the 20 days from the day i start the recipie or after i have finished stiring the mixture and how much water should i boil?

  16. For the fourteen days left alone, is it still loosely covered? When do you cork it?

  17. Receipe is fine. Only thing I noticed is that you have not mentioned about itching of yeast. Which is most important part of wine making.

  18. Recipes looks good and I really wanted a simple recipe for a mixed pineapple and oranges..
    Many thanks for sharing your mums recipe.



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