Monday 19 September 2011

Rasmalai ~ A sweet treat to celebrate a new beginning :)

Hope all of you have noticed the new address of Swapna’s Cuisine J…. Yes we have moved to our own domain and I am thankful to all my readers, friends and family for the love and support you gave me all this time and I hope to get the same in future too…. This Rasmalai recipe I had posted during my early days of blogging and last week when I made it, I thought of taking a decent picture and reposting it… I also wanted the first post on my own domain to be a sweet dish……… It’s one of the easiest Rasmalai recipes to make….

Milk Powder    -1 Cup
Baking powder-1 tsp
Egg      -1
Milk     -1 litre
Sugar- ¾ cup or to taste
Cardamom, powdered- ½ tsp
Cashew nuts and Badam, sliced – 1 tbsp

  • Boil milk with sugar, sliced cashew nuts and badam in a big heavy bottomed pan. 
  • Sieve milk powder and baking powder together and put this into egg which is not beaten.
  • Knead it and make about 18 balls with this. 
  • Add these balls slowly in the boiling milk. 
  • These balls will double the size while cooking. Cook on medium flame for about 20-25 minutes.
  • Add cardamom powder and mix gently and remove from fire. Serve either warm or chilled. 

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  1. lipsmacking ur version...adding egg is new to me..
    bookmarked right away..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  2. Congrats ..this is great and rasmalai is such a wonderful way to celebrate...adding egg is for sure new for me :)

  3. Never seen a recipe with egg! congrats on the new domain :)

  4. Congrats on ur new domain...and rasmalai looks absolutely delicious

  5. congrats swapna.........keep on blogging.......rasmalai looks so yummmmm............

  6. Congrats swapna! apt way to celebrate with a classic sweet! :)looks delectable!

  7. Congrats swapna...Rasmalai looks tempting...

  8. hi swapna,,,, if we add egg does we get soft rasmalai,,,, i made it once with eggs and it was a disaster,, the rasmalais were like rocks and even the dough wwas very sticky, please help me out... i badly wanted to try this out

  9. Congrats Swapna,on your new domain and new beginning.

    Rasmalai looks perfect with the texture and awesome colour ! Royal one.

  10. This dish looks really yummy and mouthwatering…I am drooling over here….Anyway thanks for the recipe dear…Will try it out soon…


  11. Congraaaaats....beautiful clicks and rasmalai

  12. Congrats Swapna...rasmalais looks incredible and inviting..

  13. congratulations on ur new domain :)
    rasamalai looks delicous

  14. Congrats to have moved to a new domain :) Lovely sweet and lovely way to celebrate :)

  15. rasmalai deliciously done
    looks wonderful

  16. Yay, this is one of my favorite desserts to order when I'm eating out, I never made it homemade but I'd sure love to try.

  17. Rasmalai looks awesome.......glad to have found your space.

  18. Congrats dear, love your presentation !!!

  19. Congrats!!!btw,i tried this recipe of urs and it was too delicious unlike the ones we get from the shops where they use paneer....but i had a problem---all my balls started to break when cooking in the do we have to slightly fry it b4 adding to the water????

  20. Thanks everybody :)

    @Amulya ~ Yes I always used to get soft Rasmalai from this recipe.... dough is little sticky but manageable...

    @CJ ~ Thank you for trying this recipe....Don't stir it after adding the balls to milk and also use a wider pan for boiling.... rasmalai are not fried...

  21. hi swapna....i tried this again today,praying dat it wont break and keeping all ur tips in mind....but in vain....not a single one came out in shape....:-(((((

  22. is it full egg or egg white only? doesnt it smell of egg? or like in all egg receipes do we add vanilla essence to remove the smell?

    1. It's full egg and it won't smell... no need to add vanilla essence because you are adding cardamom powder instead...


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