Wednesday 25 September 2013

Tomato Jam Recipe

Homemade Tomato Jam Recipe

My mom was an expert in jam making and I have already posted her Mixed fruit jam and Banana jam recipe... But this Tomato Jam was something new I learned from my mother-in-law... she used to make it frequently and she passed her recipe to me... recently while flipping through my recipe collection I noticed this one and realized that I haven’t made it in years!.... It was my hubby’s favorite jam while he was a kid and he used to eat straight from the bottle and still does the same :D.... Try this tomato jam when tomatoes are in season but make sure not to overcook it.... if you cook more it will become very hard and sticky after cooling....  

Tomato Jam Recipe
Tomato Jam
Firm and ripe Tomatoes – 1kg
Water -5 cups
Sugar – 1kg
Lime juice –1 tbsp
Cloves – 6 nos
Cinnamon – 3x1” sticks

  • Select firm, ripe and fleshy tomatoes, clean and chop them.
  • In a heavy bottom big pan cook tomatoes along with 5 cups of water until tender.
  • Turn off the heat and cool the mixture completely and puree this in a blender and strain. 
  • Add sugar, cloves, cinnamon and lime juice to the strained pulp and cook the mixture on medium flame.
  • Remove any scum that may appear on the surface.
  • Stir constantly till it thickens. Make sure not to over cook.
  • Turn off the gas, cool 10 minutes and pour into sterilized glass bottles placed on a wooden plank to avoid the breakage of bottles.
  • Allow the jam to cool completely in the bottle and close with lid and store at room temperature. If made well and stored in clean bottles, the jam will keep for months at room temperature.

How to find out if the Jam is ready:
  • A drop of jam put into a glass of cold water jellies.
  • If you lift the spatula and allow the jam to pour, it should flow together.
  • Pour a few drops on to a plate; if it spreads easily, then the jam is not ready; if it stays just firm/ jellies, the jam is ready.

Tomato Jam Recipe

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  1. Tomato jam sounds so yum :) love your clicks too very pretty plating

  2. Love that glossy jam, looks fantastic..

  3. Thr tomato jam was tried by me.Ihave found out this recipei a bit bland in test.I suggest to put much energy in this receipe.Put half cup of ginger juice,chilli flecks,salt and handful of raisins and broken cashew nut.This has been tried by me and my friends and others liked it better than the than the other one.

  4. nice your blog too, good recipes, hope you will drop by my blog too.


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