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Kerala Style Ladoo / Laddu Recipe

How to make Kerala Lodoo recipe at home

Here at home all three of us love Ladoo. The only difference is my son and I love the soft and dry Kerala style ladoo and my hubby is a fan of the soft and soggy Motichoor ladoo from North India :) :).... Whenever we try store bought ladoos, we find something or the other that does not appeal to our taste buds. Finally I started making Ladoos at home and I find it far better than the colour loaded, oil tasting Ladoos that we get from the store. Now I have completely stopped buying Ladoos and have started making it at home whenever the craving starts. It’s simple, so do try theses Ladoos and share it with your friends and family this Diwali....

 Wishing You All A Very Happy, Prosperous and Safe Diwali!!!

Homemade Ladoo recipe

Kerala Style Ladoo / Laddu Recipe
(Around 35-40 small ladoos)
For the boondi batter:
Bengal Gram flour/ Kadala Mavu / Besan - 2 cups
Water – around 1 ½ to 2 cups
For the sugar syrup:
Sugar - 2 ½ cups
Water - 1 ¼ cups
Cardamom powder – ½ tsp
Cloves -6 nos
Cashew nuts – 3 tbsp, chopped
Raisins – 2 tbsp
Ghee -2 tbsp
Kalkandom / Sugar Candy - 1 tbsp, broken into small pieces
Yellow food colour – as needed (optional)
Pacha karpooram / Edible Camphor – a small pinch (optional)
Oil for deep frying the boondis

  • For making Sugar Syrup: Melt sugar and water in a pan and keep stirring on medium fire till it reaches one thread consistency. Remove from fire and add cardamom powder, food colour and camphor mixed in a little water. Keep the syrup warm.
  • For making the Boondis: Mix gram flour with enough water to make a smooth pancake like batter.
  • Heat oil in a frying pan on medium heat.
  • Pour the batter through a dry perforated ladle or boondi plate and let the boondi fall into the boiling oil by gently spreading the batter with a spoon.
  • Drain the boondis before it gets browned and drop into the warm sugar syrup. Repeat with the rest of the batter.
  • Fry the cashew nuts, raisins and cloves in ghee and spread these with the ghee over the boondi.
  • Mix all the ingredients together pressing the boondis with the back of a spoon to absorb all the sugar syrup.
  • Add Kalkandom/ sugar candy and mix well.
  • To make ladoos, gently squeeze some of the warm boondi mixture between both palms and shape into Ladoos.
  • Ladoo will become firm when it cools down to room temperature. 

  • Sugar syrup should be one thread consistency.
  • Gram flour batter should neither too thick nor too thin.
  • Wash perforated ladle or boondi plate and wipe it clean and dry before pouring the next batch of batter.

Recipe for Ladu

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  1. I too love these dry laddoos, not that I don't like the motichoor ones, laddoos are laddoos after all... :) Thank you so much for sharing the recipe, will pin this to try...

  2. I loved this ladoo laddy recipe. It seems to be a super delicious recipe. Thanks for sharing with us!
    Jennifer Brooks


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