Monday 30 January 2012

Buttermilk Berry Muffins

Recently when I bought a packet of blueberries & raspberries I made these muffins. These moist and soft muffins were really delicious with the flavorful bursts of berries in every bite. These are really quick to make… you only need two bowls and a spatula to mix everything together and your delicious muffins will be ready in less than 45 minutes… You can even bake these with frozen berries too…. If using frozen berries do not thaw the berries… Always remember not to over mix the batter when making muffins.. These muffins are delicious when served warm out of the oven…..
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Thursday 26 January 2012

Classic South Indian Breakfast ~ Dosa, Sambar & Chutney / Fermented Rice and Lentil Crepes with side dishes

It’s been unusually cold here for the past one week and the temperature had dropped down to -1C for a couple of days and I was simply sitting without doing much:).... I had planned to post this a couple of days ago when my blog turned 4 years but was too lazy to type all the recipes :D.... Let me take this opportunity to thank each and every one of my dear readers and friends who have visited this humble place of mine and for giving me all the support & encouragement to carry on.... During these 4 years I have gained a lot of friends with whom Ihave become very close though I have never met them in person.... A lot of you come back to me after trying a recipe from my blog and I am extremely glad when I hear you and your family liked those dishes.... Hope I will be able to keep up to your expectations and continue to post many good recipes in future..... Instead of posting a sweet dish to celebrate as usual, I thought of posting the Classic South Indian breakfast Dosa & Sambar for a change.... I know all of my Indian readers know how to make dosa and sambar..... but this is for those who don’t.....Long ago I had promised my brother that I will post sambar and chutney recipe on my blog but that never happened and now according to him he makes the perfect sambar ;).... Also a lot of newly married girls have asked me to post recipes like this..... So this post is for those readers of mine who are rookies in the kitchen and for my Non- Indian readers :)

Dosa is a fermented crepe or pancake made from rice and lentil batter. It is a staple dish in South Indian Cuisine, eaten for breakfast or dinner. There are many types ranging from plain to Stuffed Dosas with vegetarian or non vegetarian filling and are usually served with side dishes like Sambar or a selection of chutneys like Coconut Chutney, Green Chutney, Onion Chutney, Milagai Podi (Spiced powders mixed with oil) and pickles etc.

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Sunday 22 January 2012

Aloo Tamatar Subzi / Potato in Tomato Gravy

This potato curry is made with the same gravy recipe of my Paneer Tomato Curry from my previous post.  This simple curry goes well with Indian flat breads and pulao.
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Monday 16 January 2012

Paneer Tomato Curry Recipe / Cottage Cheese in Tomato Gravy

Paneer Tomato Curry

Long back soon after our wedding we were settled in a place called Gomia, in Bihar. I am sure many of you may be hearing of this place Gomia for the first time :D... There we had an amazing cook named Alku from whom I learned many basic North Indian recipes for the first time... he taught me how to make perfect paneer at home and severalpaneer recipes too... His main paneer delicacy was this simple paneer tomato curry or chilly paneer as he named this curry.... This spicy basic onion and tomato gravy is a very versatile recipe that goes well not only with paneer, but also with potatoes, cauliflower, chicken, peas, mushrooms etc etc.... Addition of cinnamon powder towards the end of cooking enhances the flavor of this curry.... This curry goes very well with Indian Breads or rice… do check out some of the variations of the same curry towards the end of the post :)....
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Thursday 12 January 2012

Butter Biscuit Recipe / Kerala Nankatta Biscuits

Another cookie I made during Christmas season..... This is the first cookie I baked while I was a kid and you can ask your kids to make this on their own and they will be very happy with the experiment .... You can bake these cookies in a microwave oven too ....
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Sunday 8 January 2012

Banoffee Pie Served in a Glass

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Friday 6 January 2012

Gingerbread Men

I made these Gingerbread men for my little one’s school Christmas party. I adapted the recipe from Joy of Baking with slight changes as I didn’t have molasses at home and I didn’t want to buy one full bottle just to make these cookies. So I substituted molasses with brown sugar dissolved in water. These cookies tasted really good and his friends loved the shape and the icing :) … I got around 40 gingerbread men and a few snowflakes from this recipe.

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Wednesday 4 January 2012

Iced Cherry Rings

Hope you all had a lovely holiday..... During this holiday season I baked a couple of cookies and this Iced Cherry Rings was one of them..... The recipe is from The Big Book of Baking which I won from Divya’s blog..... It is a good book with lot of recipes..... These buttery cookies studded with glazed cherries and lemon glaze were a perfect holiday treat :)......
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Sunday 1 January 2012

Irish Cream Liqueur

Wishing you all a blessed, peaceful and Happy 2012!!! 

We love Irish Cream Liqueur and when I saw this recipe few days back I thought of making it for New Year. It has all the things we love....condensed milk, cream, chocolate & alcohol..... Believe me it was one of the best drinks I have made recently... So here I am ringing in the New Year 2012 with Irish Cream Liqueur....
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