Monday 28 November 2016

Apple & Orange Wine Recipe

How to make apple wine

Many of my readers have requested the recipe for Apple wine. Since Christmas is around the corner I hope you can try this at home. I thought combining few oranges along with Apples will enhance the taste of the wine and I was not wrong. This wine can be a little stubborn to clear, due to the high levels of pectin in apples, so you may require extra time and patience to get a clearer end result. I made this wine a year ago, hence it is crystal clear in the picture but please don’t expect that as soon as you make the wine. Please read my earlier post on Tipsfor wine making that will help you a lot if you are novice in the field of wine making.
Recipe for Apple Wine

Apple & Orange Wine 
Apples - 1 kg
Oranges - ½ kg
Sugar - 750 gms
Yeast - ½ tsp
Water - 3 litres

  • Wash, core and chop apples into small pieces including the peel. (You can chop the apples in a food processor).
  • Wash the oranges, with a citrus peeler or vegetable peeler thinly peel the orange zest without the white part. Extract juice from the oranges and keep aside.
  • Boil sugar and water in a big vessel. Once the mixture boils, turn off the heat. Add chopped apples, orange juice and orange zest to the hot water-sugar mixture.
  • When the mixture becomes lukewarm, add yeast and transfer the mixture to a sterilized glass bottle / bharani, cover it and leave for 21 days stirring daily.
  • After 21 days, strain the mixture through a cheese/muslin cloth in to a clean dry bottle.
  • Keep this again for 21 days untouched. After 21 days strain the wine again, pour it in to clean dry bottles and use. 

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  1. can we add some more boiled water after 2 days of wine making to bharani inorder to reduce sweet

  2. I've tried your guava wine recipe with tremendous success. Family absolutely loved the wine and it gets better and better over the two years that I have made it. I want to try out this recipe but I have a doubt about how much orange zest is required. Thanks!

    1. Orange zest from all the oranges

    2. I tried apple wine , instead of orange i used lime ,also i added dried black grapes.Only problem is even though i prepared 7 bottle ,it is getting emptied quickly.Taste was awesome.My mother in law want to taste ,iam on the way to her house,but not sure whether wine will be there once i reach home.

  3. Beautiful wines, and collection. tried your rice wine - very potent. waiting on the mango wine. Will try this wine as soon as I get some Hmachal apples.

    Suggetion - I am novice at making wine. Can you also add process pictures so I can compare timeline with colour.

  4. Hi swapna I have made a few of Yr wine recipes and they are really good. If I make apple wine now is it enough of days to be ready for Christmas

    1. Hi, Glad to hear you have tried my recipes! Yes definitely, if you make apple wine now it will be ready before Christmas!

  5. Hai mam...I've tried your apple and orange wine recipe to the dot...its been 15 days and when I tasted its slightly sour..what should I do mam...

  6. I am making wine for last 2 years. but not getting fruity aroma. can we get fruity smell in fruit wine?


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