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Homemade Mango Wine Recipe / Manga Wine

Manga Wine Recipe

It’s November already and hardly 52 days left to Christmas :).... Like I asked in one of my last year’s post have you started your Christmas preparations like soaking fruits for Christmas cake or making wine etc? This year I don’t need to soak much fruits as I have some left over from last year but wine I need to check if there is enough to last till Christmas ;)....  And if in case you are looking for a nice Christmas cake or wine please check my old posts.... Now we will proceed to today’s wine recipe…. This wine was made after a phone conversation with my neighbor and cousin Saira.... during one of our chats the topic of wine making came up and we got the idea of Mango Wine..... for a week Mango wine was in my mind and I was thinking how it would taste etc..... so on my next grocery shopping I bought a kilo of ripe mangoes.....Since my Guava Wine was a huge hit I decided to follow the same recipe and after the fermentation period I gave a bottle to my cousin to taste and according to her husband this is my best trial :)..... I am waiting for next summer so that I can buy some Indian Alphonso Mangoes and try this wine one more time.... I know it’s not mango season now, but if you are a wine lover and whenever you get hold of some good quality mangoes do try this I am sure you will love it..... 

Kerala Manga Wine

Homemade Mango Wine Recipe / Manga Wine
Cooking time – 10 minutes
Homemade Wine Recipe Ready in 42 days
Yield –about 5 liters

Ripe Mangoes / Manga  – 1 kg
Sugar – 1 ¼ kg (or more depending upon the sweetness of mango)
Boiled cooled water – 4 liters
Yeast – ½ tbsp
Kalkandam / Rock Sugar – 250 gm

  • Wash and wipe mangoes with a clean cloth.
  • Peel and dice mango into small pieces.
  • Put diced mango pieces, sugar, water and yeast into a clean sterilized bottle/ bharani; mix well and cover the bottle with a clean cloth or with lid little loosely. 
  • Stir this mixture for 21 days.
  • After 21 days strain the mixture through a clean cheese / muslin cloth into a clean dry vessel.  
  • Clean and sterilize the bottle / bharani or use another sterilized bottle and pour the strained wine and add kalkandam / Rock sugar mix well until kalkamdam / rock sugar dissolves.
  • Keep this again for another 21 days and thereafter strain the wine again and pour it into clean dry bottles.
Manga Wine

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  1. I love the props you have used.. Simple recipe, but am sure would be refreshing.

  2. Swapna what is the sugar measurement? Kilo or spoon? Sorry am such an amateur at this wine making business I have no clue:-(

    1. Nisha it's kilo, just edited the post... Thanks for pointing it to me dear :)....

  3. Swapna what is the sugar measurement? Kilo or spoon? Sorry am such an amateur at this wine making business I have no clue:-(

  4. Woww, you rock, mango wine am hearing for the frist time..

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  6. Thanks for this recipe swapna..came across this post while googling wine recipe and mango wine caught my attention..
    Just a question, do you think it would be possible to make this wine with mango pulp instead of real mangoes? If yes, any suggestion on the quantity i should put?

    1. Hi Sruthy, I only made it with fresh mangoes... But you can give it a try with mango pulp... just add 750 gms of mango pulp instead of 1kg mangoes and also reduce the amount of sugar according to the sweetness of the pulp.... do let me know how it turns out if you try it with pulp :)

  7. thanks for this wonderful recipe. Do you think it would be possible to subsitute mango pulp instead of real mangoes? If yes, in what quantity?

  8. hello i am so thankful to come across this site and thank you so much for sharing this recipe.. btw i am not familiar with rock sugar and i dont think i can find it locally but anyway is there any substitute for it? tnx so much

  9. It is very sour-is there any way I can overcome this at this late stage-it is already bottled?

    1. Hi Gita what happened to you this time? Did you use sour mangoes? Hope it has not become sour like vinegar. If not try adding more sugar and check. All the best

    2. I made it quite a while back-last mango season in fact. My husband says that they were not sour mangoes. The wine is bottled-should I try adding sugar now? I think this happened during a phase where I tried adding less sugar-in one case (grape) the wine went bad :(. My bad! LOL. Anyway, I really want to salvage the mango wine-just give me courage-may I add more sugar? I did add kalkandam but even that has not helped. It can't have turned to vinegar as the bottles are green.

    3. Yes Gita you can add more sugar and rebottle the wine. Let me know how it turns out

  10. Hi. Im a big fan of wine. I have read many of your blogs and it has helped me a lot in my cooking. I have a question, what is the correct temperature for wine preparation? As im in Delhi is it good to make wine during the summer months? Awaiting your reply. Regards, Augustine Sebastian.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog:) Your feedback is feel free to post your comments and questions. Hope to see you soon!

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