Tuesday 12 May 2009

Mango Yogurt Panna Cotta

I made this dish in full compliance with Deeba's directions......Here is original. The pictures & recipes posted by her are truly stunning! Thanks Deeba for this lovely dessert!

Thick Yogurt - 2 cups
Low fat cream - 1 cup
Gelatin - 3 tsp
Mango pulp - of 2 mangoes
Castor sugar if required
Fruit slivers, pistachio nuts, mint leaves, chocolate curls etc to garnish
  • Sprinkle the gelatin over the cup of cream & allow to stand for 10-15 minutes or till it softens. Whisk well & strain into a big bowl.
  • Add the thick yogurt and mango puree to the bowl & whisk well. Adjust for sugar. Add some castor sugar if required.
  • Divide into 6-8 very lightly greased ramekins and refrigerate until firm, at least 3-4 hours.
  • Serve with a drizzle of light cream, sliced fruit & pistachio nuts...or in bowls topped with chocolate curls, mango slivers, mint leaves, pistachio nuts etc.

My 4 1/2 year old son's finger print card on Mothers day!!!

Thank you Madhu for sharing this award with me :) :)

I am passing this award to Happy Cook, Bharathy, Purnima, JZ, Varsha, Soma, Deeba, Nags, Lena, V JR & Pearlin. Please accept this award dear friends...:)

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  1. Congrats on your Cute award, Swapna and thanx for remembering me, while passing over :)!

    I see lovely panna cotta here..Love the one in the heart shaped dish..

    Wonderful click!!..

    Recipe seems to be simple and neat too :)

  2. congrads for d award swapna :)

    panna cotta s just superb swapna..snap s too tempting :)

  3. Enjoy ur award :)
    Pannacotta looks gorgeous!Nice snaps :)

  4. Thankyou for passing me the award and congrats to you.
    Love the card and the original handprint.
    Panna cotta looks so yumm.

  5. panna cotta looks so so delicious with it's beautiful color yum

  6. Pannacotta with mango and yoghurt looks so gorgeous swapna..love the yoghurt instead of cream!

  7. Hi Swapna,
    Congos! on the awards and hope u get many more :)
    This summer whenever I see the title mango...I jump and hop and skip to that blog...lol wooooooooooowie! it's fantastic, look at u! u r making many of them tempt with the panna cota heart shaped, it's sure a heart stealer.
    wonderful snaps.
    Thanks for the recipe dear.

  8. Thank you for trying the panna cotta Swapna...it looks SO GOOD! Great pictures as well. Thank you also for the mention...take care

  9. O forgot to say...the card is adoreable! Very very sweet!

  10. So sweet of you to pass me the award Swapna, thanks so much.
    The panna cotta looks sooo yum drooling all over here :))
    Mother's day card is so cute.I once made cards like this for dh on Father's day with my kids.

  11. Thanks a lot Swapna!

    The mango pannacotta is on my to do list, just waiting for the season. The best flavor in any dessert I think is mango:-) well may be i am biased. This one with the yougurt sounds better & less guilty than all cream.

  12. Swapna this is sooo good, I am also going to try it out real soon!

  13. Congrats n thanks for the award dear..the pannacota looks perfect n tender..also I just loved your goulash ..looks so so yum..:)

  14. the panna cotta looks awesome and the card is soo adorable!

    congrats on the award!

  15. congrats on ur award, swapna...and thanks a lot for thinking about me while passing it on :-)

    the pannacota sure looks amazing!! wish i could taste it NOW! :-) YUmmy!

    BTW, did u do the crochet mat yourself? it looks reeeeally pretty!

  16. Pannacotta is K's fav... I havent made this in a mango flavor... looks stunning!!! and happy mothers day... Your sons card is truly amazing!!!

  17. Thank you so much for thinking about me for this award :) really appreciate it!

  18. Thank you Bharathy! Enjoy your award!!

    Thanks Lena!

    Thanks again Madhu for passing me the award!

    Thanks HC and enjoy your award!

    Thank you Rekha, Priya and Suparna :)!

    Thank you Deeba once again for sharing this recipe :):) Yes my sons card is really adoreable with his little fingerprints...they made it at school :)

    Thank you Pearlin and Soma...and enjoy your award! Do try this Soma...I am sure you will like it :)

    Thanks Bindiya.... do try this I am sure you will like it...believe me it is really delicious:)

    Thanks Vanamala!

    Thank you Varsha and enjoy your award!

    Thank you superchef!

    Yes JZ I did that crochet mat by myself :) Thanks for the compliment and enjoy your award!

    Ramya...try this one and I am sure K will like it...

    Enjoy your award Nags...

  19. Congrats for the deserving award......Panna Cotta looks gorgeous.....and tempting

  20. Wow looks so yummy...nice pics ..Congrats on our award

  21. surprise!!!!its a bomb swapna...thanks alot 4 sending dis to me..my first award!!!!!!!!!!!!.. :)

  22. Wow mango panna cotta looks delicious..nice clicks...first time here..jumped from lena's blog :)...nice blog you have..amazing cakes you have made...btw the card is choo chweet..very cute :) will visit regularly now :)

  23. Thank you Purva and Priti...:)

    Enjoy your first award Lena...:)

    Thank you Parita for visiting my blog:) Hope to see you again ...:)


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