Tuesday 18 January 2011

Kappalanga (Omakka) Achaar / Raw Papaya Pickle

 Part-2 of my Papaya/ Kappalanga/Omakka Series J

Kappalanga (Omakka) Achaar  / Raw Papaya Pickle

Kappalanga/Omakka (RawPapaya) -1 cup, chopped
Ginger-1 tbsp, chopped
Garlic-1 tbsp, chopped
Kashmeri Red Chilly Powder / Piriyan mulagu podi -1 ¼ tbsp
Fenugreek powder / Ulluva podi-1 tbsp
Asafoetida powder/  Kayapodi -1/4 tsp
Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
Curry leaves-a spring
Vinegar-1/4 cup
Salt-to taste
Gingelly Oil / Sesame Oil / Nallenna-1/4 cup

  • Peel skin and remove seeds inside the papaya and chop it finely.
  • Grind the ginger and garlic coarsely.
  • Heat oil; splutter mustard seeds and fry ginger and garlic.
  • Lower the fire and add all the powdered things and curry leaves and sauté.
  • Then add chopped papaya and stir well.
  • Add vinegar and salt to taste and simmer in low heat till thick.
  • Allow it to cool and then bottle.
  • Press the papaya down so that oil may come to the top.
Use it as a  small side dish for rice, Indian flat bread, dosa, Idly or upma and is best served with Kanji (rice gruel)

All the utensils & bottle should be clean & dry. Never add water to pickle while making. Always use clean and dry spoon to take pickle from bottle

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  1. Wow this sounds truely tongue tickling

  2. Fantastic! the colors look surreal!

  3. This looks great! What do you serve it with!?!

  4. Cant take my eyes from the click, soooo irresistible..

  5. oh lip smacking this is so very new for me :)

  6. Raw papaya pickle sounds excellent!

  7. Everytime I see a pickle recipe, my mouth waters and I get a tingling sensation around my jawline! :D

    Your pickle looks really really good! I loved the colour.

  8. wow...pickle looks so tempting that it made me drool....and the pics are superb..I can imagine how delicious it would be just by seeing the pic...

  9. It's sure wow recipe ...looks so damn gud ....and so new for me

  10. Wowo i have never had this but how i wish i could have a taste ;

  11. Tempting pickle,new to me,looks superb

  12. Thank you so much for sending this lovely papaya pickle to Kerala Kitchen Swapna!
    Love ripe ones but never knew you could do so much with raw papaya!

    Its so wonderful to meet talented and passionate people like you through this event and learn about Kerala delicacies I have never known of before!

  13. Swapna, this is mouth watering..new to me - pickle wt Papaya! Hv u planted ur own? :D Many Papaya recipes coming up!! :D Absolutely droolofying one!

  14. This is really something, the color i want for all my pickles !! Your recipes are always homely and hearty. I just emailed the link to my mother, so even though i can't she will make it.The papaya that we get here is almost alwyas ripe.

  15. I live in Thailand and will try this because tons of pappayas over here

  16. Tongue tickling indeed. :) Go through an app called OrderZapp. You can find a lot of regional dishes there along with new experimental food. It's available on Playstore and IOS- http://order-zapp.com/

  17. What is the shelf life of this pickle.

  18. What is the shelf life of this pickle

  19. What is the shelf life of this pickle


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