Thursday 28 April 2011

Our Cooking Station!

I have been thinking for quite some time to compile a complete list of recipes from traditional to western that would help readers to easily choose or mix and match menus when they plan a party… On a recent chat with Bharathy I told her about this idea and she immediately agreed with me. I have more of bakes, desserts and western recipes while Bharathy has more of traditional Kerala and Tamil delicacies, mostly vegetarian

Now most of you know Bharathy behind the blog Spicy Chilly, with awesome recipes, pictures and write ups…. A cheerful girl who is the inspiration behind my own blog… We were classmates in College and she was one of the brightest students in our class…. When our classmates struggled with exams she sailed through with high marks…. Like everybody else whenever I get bad marks I told my mom that the questions were really tough and we all got bad marks ;)….. so her immediate question was how come Bharathy got high scores and  you can imagine the rest! But seriously I still couldn’t figure out how she got such a huge score for Zoology in Degree first year when all of us got really bad scores!! I always admired her for the same and only later did I came to know of her other talents cooking, photography, painting, embroidery etc

I was always surprised to see the difference in cooking methods or ingredients for the same dish even though we hail from the same town… may be because of our different communities…. You will find some recipes with the same name but with different cooking methods…. So do choose the method you are accustomed to or whichever method you find more comfortable…. But I am sure the end result will be more or less same J..
It was great fun for the last couple of weeks designing our new blog, compiling the recipes and of course naming our blog! At the end we were also surprised to see a long list of recipes in each category! Hope you enjoy Our Cooking Station as much as we enjoyed creating it for you!

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  1. Love the idea guys, I am going to go and check it out right now :)

  2. Thanks for sharing such wonderful info. Nice blog so good t read this like to read more updates in future.
    dean graziosi

  3. Wonderful idea, congrats to both of u..

  4. Truly amazing merger at CS! Am adding it to my reader, so it can be put to full use. Thanks Swapna and Bharathy for such lovely ideas here, both of you very talented...truly bring more honor to blogosphere!


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