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Passion Fruit Wine

I had referred to my passion fruit wine in some of my earlier posts and many had requested the recipe…. Made this wine about 2 years ago….. I wanted the wine to mature so that I can click the rich and clear picture and I think it’s worth waiting this long :)…. As you all know by now that I love anything which has passion fruit in it and this wine is not an exception! This is one of my favorites :)… if you get your hands on some passion fruit do try this recipe….

Passion Fruit Wine
(Recipe Source: Vanitha)
Passion fruit pulp-1kg (without the white pith)
Sugar-1 to 1 1/2kg (if the passion fruit is very sour use 1 1/2kg or use only 1 kg)
Boiled and cooled water- 3 bottles (750ml bottles)
Yeast-1 tsp (I only used ¼ tsp)
Egg white -1 beat nicely

  • Mix passion fruit pulp, sugar, water and yeast.
  • Beat egg white well and mix well with above mix.
  • Pour this into a clean sterilized bharani / bottle and tie the bottle with a clean cloth or close with lid little loose. Keep aside for 21 days.
  • Stir the mixture with a clean wooden spoon every day.
  • After 21 days, strain the mixture through a cheese/ muslin cloth.
  • Keep the wine in the vessel covered with a clean cloth for 6 hours and again strain the mixture and pour it in to clean dry bottles and use.

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  1. Wow Passion fruit wine looks fantabulous..

  2. This looks fab ....nice idea with passion fruit and nice pics

  3. Incredible! I can only imagine out amazing that may taste :) Buzzed!

  4. thanks for sharing,

    Can we use another type of fruit, like strawberry, litchi, etc. What is the purpose to add egg white?


  5. Hi Stephie,
    You can use use other fruits like strawberry also. Egg white is added to prevent fungus formation.. it's optional. Thanks for visiting:)...

  6. wow, looks superb. Never tried to make wine @ home. Wow, girl, you rock !!!

  7. Swapna congratulations, your passion fruit wine was the best dish at Kerala Kitchen! Thanks for sending it in, apologies that the round up got very delayed!

  8. I made this last night… was so easy and so great.
    Indian Restaurants Manchester

  9. I'm interested!! What sort of yeast are you using?

  10. Dear Swapna your wine blog is Fabulous. I have tried most of your recipes. The Passion fruit, Grape wine,Rice wine, Nellika Wine, jack fruit and Guava Wine. The results was fabulous. I also tried your Orange Wine with a small change instead of Orange used Citron came out really well.Thanks for the wonderful recipes.

    1. Wow Franklin!! I am so glad to hear you have tried so many recipes from my blog!! Thanks a lot for the lovely compliment and for trying my recipes :) :)

  11. Hi Swapna,
    I tried this wine and it turned out well..thanks for the recipe...:-)..I am going to try Guava wine next...:-)
    And if you have recipe of pomegranate wine , please do post...
    Thank you....

  12. Hi,

    How long did u age this wine?

  13. Are u interested in commercial production of wines of rare flavoures?

  14. Hi what alcohol percentage would this be please

  15. Hii
    I put passion fruit wine
    In the 5 th day when I just taste it,felt a bitter taste. Is it is ok. Am a veg for not added egg in to it. Please reply

  16. Hi Swapna,

    Do I need to add the egg white? Is it to clarify the wine better? I am vegan and would prefer not to.

    I'm currently brewing up a triple batch of lemon wine :) It's smelling great!

    Many thanks for your site.

    1. Yes egg white is added to clarify the wine, you can omit that if you want.
      Hope your lemon wine came out perfect!

  17. Tried it. Awesome output. I just loved the wine and I gave it out for my friends to taste it. People are amused by its flavour. I added some cinnamon apart from your recipe which turned out to be nice for fermentation. Thank you for the recipe.


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