Wednesday 21 March 2012

Maida Chapati / Indian Flat Bread with All-purpose Flour

Remember the post where I wrote about our life in Gomia and our cook Alku? Well this Maida Chapati is also something I learned from him.... The secret to making this soft maida chapati is mixing a little oil with maida at first before adding water.... This will help to roll out maida dough easily or else it springs back making it really difficult to handle and roll out into perfect rounds.... An excellent and healthy alternative to flaky Kerala Parotta, which requires a lot of oil.... 

Maida Chapati / Indian Flat Bread with All-purpose Flour
Preparation time ~ 35 mins
Cooking time ~ 2 mints
Serves ~ 3 to 4


Maida / All purpose flour – 2 cups
Oil – 2 tsp
Sugar -1 to 2 tsp (optional)
Salt – to taste
Water – ¾ cup or as needed
Oil – as needed to brush while cooking
  • First combine maida with 2 tsp oil really well (it is very important to mix with oil first before adding water as this will help us to easily roll out the maida dough or the dough springs back while rolling).
  • In to this add sugar and salt, slowly add water little by little and knead well to get smooth and soft dough.
  • Keep aside for 30 minutes.
  • Divide dough into equal lime sized balls and roll out into medium thin circles on a lightly floured surface.
  • Heat an iron or non-stick skillet; place roll out dough on the skillet and cook both sides on medium flame pressing with the back of the spatula while cooking.
  • Brush both sides of chapati with little oil and serve hot with any curry of your choice.

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  1. Nice clicks. Like to have hot rolls.

  2. Woww.. looks too good and delicious.. thanks for sharing dear :)
    Indian Cuisine

  3. looks delicious and soft. Nice chapathi.

  4. That looks delicious! I have not had a lot of experience making my own flatbreads, but this looks like a good recipe to try.

  5. I like chapati, I used to make them every day when I wasn't working, now I just don't have time for that :(

  6. These chapatis are actually so much better than the wheat ones with rich mughlai curries. I do find rolling them a pain, will try the oil trick sometime.

  7. These were very crispy, but I prefer the super soft atta ones better :)

    1. Of course atta ones are super soft and healthy too... but these were also soft chapati's not crispy if made properly :)...

  8. Hi Swapna, Thanks a lot for this recipe. I made this and it really comes out well just like the whole wheat fulkas.
    It has helped me a lot and relieved me greatly of one big concern. I can now make these for my daughter who has problem with the whole wheat flour because of the fibers and the regular naan that I make of maida has soda which she enjoys only once in a while. She likes these rotis and I am so happy seeing her relishing it with the regular home made sabjis, the simple daily food.
    Thanks a lot once again.

  9. Is it possible to freeze the dough for later use? Thanks! Lovely recipe!!! Bookmarked :)


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