Wednesday 23 January 2008

Kerala Fish Curry


Fish- 1/4kg, cut in to pieces
Kudampuli (Fish Tamarind) – 4pieces
Small onion-3tbsp sliced
Garlic- 4 cloves
Ginger 2"pieces-1nos
Red chilly powder – 3tbsp
Turmeric powder- 1/4tsp
Fenugreek powder-3/4tsp
Coconut oil – 2tbsp
Mustard seeds-1tsp
Curry leaves- few


1. Cut Kudampuli (fish tamarind)into small pieces. Wash well and soak in 1/2 cup of water.
2. Clean and wash the fish well and squeeze off the water.
3. Grind ginger and garlic together.
4. Heat a meen chatti (an earthen pot) on low flame. Add coconut oil and add mustard seeds. When it start crackling add 3tbsps sliced small onion and fry till golden brown. In to this add ground ginger-garlic paste and fry till light brown.
5. Then add red chilly powder, turmeric powder, fenugreek powder and curry leaves and fry for a minute. Now add 2 cups of water and soaked kudampuli with its water and add salt to taste and bring to boil.
6. Add fish pieces in to the boiling mixture. Continue cooking for half an hour on low flame and remove from fire when the gravy is thick. Garnish with curry leaves and serve hot with boiled rice or Kappa Vevichathu/Tapioca Curry.

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